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AIDS Lifecycle 2016

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to ride my bike for San Francisco to Los Angeles, beside my father and my brother. All while we raised nearly $10,000 between the three of us for the SF AIDS Foundation and the LA LGBT Center…a fraction of the $16,139,537 raised by the nearly 1200 participants in the ride. It was a surreal life changing challenge that I am incredibly greatful that I was a part of.

In an effort to create a lasting memory of the journey, I strapped a camera to myself for the entirety of the ride. After sifting through the many hours of recordings, I’ve spliced it into an edit that I am really proud of.

I hope I have the chance to do something like this again, along side of my family doing something we love, for a cause we truly believe in!

World Maker Faire 2014 Wrap-Up

I made a very last minute trip to World Maker Faire yesterday, and had an absolute blast. I had no obligations, not where to be and got to take lots of pictures and videos on my camera. I wanted to make a video of what I saw for my students, so I’ve come up with this goofy little video montage. Ignore the poor focusing and terrible audio. I’m still learning this whole camera deal out!