WIP – ‘One Button’ Data Collection Device

So I had an idea to put together a dead simple data collection tool. Long story short, we recently had our first baby, and well the early days of having our beautiful daughter at home required a significant amount of data collection. Namely, the early on she was a sleepy lil’ goon. It was tough to get her awake enough to eat enough. So we had to monitor exactly how much she was eating in order to make sure she was hitting the benchmarks set by our midwife. We found an app and it works great, but frankly at 3am, opening the app and logging another feed was a pain…maybe I’m just lazy, but I forgot to log plenty of times and my partner and I were tasked with filling in gaps in the morning. What I really wanted was a dead simple way to record the number of ounces, and so this idea was born. 

The project is simple. A single 7 segment LED, a potentiometer to dial in the number, and a button to log it. Simply dial your number of ounces fed, hit the button. The data will be collected by an ESP8266 device (D1 Mini), and sent out to a database. A simple web page will collect the numbers, combine them, report out the daily total, frequency of collections. It’ll ensure we are feeding enough each day, and monitor how spread out the feeds are…and I’ll never have to fumble around with my phone at 3AM.

So here is the work in progress: We’ve got the code up and running to dial in and display a number. Next up, we’ll work on the database backend and frontend page to display the data…but that baby is screaming so that work will wait til tomorrow, or next weekend, whenever I can squeeze in a few hours.

Silly Video Here

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