X-Mas PCB Design

Its been a long time since I’ve laid out a PCB. Back in the day, I was an Eagle wizard, and loved the process of laying out PCBs and generally designing electronics…then things changed and I sort of stopped, finding more satisfaction in woodworking and home projects as of late. And than I re-discovered my Teenage Engineering PO-33. This is a single PCB sampler and sequencer that is simply put, a work of art. I was drawn into how clean and compelling the PCB design was. So I started revisiting PCB design. Things have changed since I last made a PCB. Eagle was acquired by Autodesk, and more importantly KiCAD came into the scene. So I dove in head first to design a simple holiday ornament.

The circuit is dead simple, nothing smart, just a battery and some LEDs. I put work into making it pretty. I used Inkscape and Svg2Shenzhen to lay out a novel edge cut shape, and silk screen, and sent it out to PCBWay for fabrication. 10 days later I had the PCBs in my hands.

A quick solder job, and I had light.

Certainly my interest in PCB design and electronics in general is completely rekindled. I’m excited to make some more designs, and keep making goofy but beautfiul circuits. I’ve got plans for sillly IoT devices for quickly recording data, goofy noise makers, and maybe even something reasonably useful one day.

See links below for design files.



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