The flury of a new school year.

Sometimes it seems like these days go by way to quickly. Seems like yesterday that another school year has started, and I haven’t written here in nearly a year. I think I’ve got to slow down sometimes, so that is what we’ll do today.

The School Year

This school year is cruising. The classroom is organized, the projects are working, and here in year two in the new school, I’m starting to get my footing. I’m looking forward to taking on bigger challenges now that I’m comfy and cozy in the space. I want to completely rehab our sad old woodshop, and I’ve already got a student team in place to take on that challenge.

I want to take on more real-world problems for our students to solve, and fixing issues like our decaying ‘outdoor classroom’, or continuing to rehab and modernize our old shop class into a modern fabrication lab are the tasks that keep me happy.



I’ve been spending a good amount of time in various woodshops these days. I took a woodturning course, and now a furniture woodworking course at a local community college. Now the challenge is getting a shop put together that I can use. Between the neighborhood makerspace, my garage and my classroom, I’ve got the tools for a great shop, but none of them are organized and ready to use. I’ve got to make the time and make it happen to have a shop that I would be proud to work in…or maybe end up with two shops I would be proud to work in.



Javascript & Django & Etc.

I’ve been working on building up a better skill set in full stack development so that I can prototype simple data collection tools for the classroom. I’ve got a bunch of Udemy classes to mill through, and no time to get through them.


Probably my biggest time sink is the new found homeowner lifestyle. Between replacing light fixtures, managing plumbing issues, raking leaves and tending to the yard, there is never a dull moment at home. But obviously I love it dearly. With plans for put together a new kitchen island, and possible add a second bathroom in the very near future.


After successfully brewing 3 batches for a friends wedding, I’ve put the homebrewing on pause so I can get the kind of distance from the hobby that will make me want to return to it again. I’ve made some modifications to my system in the mean time, aiming to start putting together 2.5gallon recipes to brew in doors as the winter begins to rear its nasty head.

In Conclusion

I don’t stop to recognize the amount of balls I have in the air very often. I’ve always known I’m the kind of person to absorb to many hobbies and too many things, and I’ll often find time to reset, pull those hobbies back and focus on what I really love. And I’ve really got to use this blog as an outlet to reflect and share.


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