Seaperch 2013: The Robo Pirates


Just last weekend, a group of middle school students I was lucky enough to mentor competed in the 2013 Philadelphia Seaperch competition. The event was the culmination of the last 2 months or so of weekly (and sometimes bi-weekly) meetings, a few long busy days and tons of amazing effort from the students. The kids went above and beyond and put together and amazing showing at the competition and I could not be more proud of them! I think we all learned countless lessons throughout the adventure, but the ultimate one is that they need to be ready for next year, and other area robotics events. It really is amazing to see such motivated students participating in their first robotics, and engineering based project in general, and finding a passion for it. I look forward to seeing what the Robo Pirates will pull off in the future, and I look forward to being able to help them get there.


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