Experiments with Bare Paint Conductive Paint

I got my hands on a tube of Bare Paint the other day, and decided to give it a try. I aimed to make an LED loop around an acrylic sign holder, but quickly ran into issues. The paint is not terribly conductive, and running the length of the 8.5×11″ sign holder proved to be too much. The paint itself was super easy to work with, and worked perfectly in small, short amounts, but running more than a few inches creates a resistance issue.

I didn’t get to do to much digging into the restiveness properties, and truthfully, it would be a difficult task to tackle. It seems that the surface of the paint, once dry, looses a great deal of conductivity. The most conductive was encased in the dry outer shell. Perhaps sometime soon I can use the remaining amount to try to come up with the resistance over a unit of volume and use it to my advantage next time I use it!

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